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Chopping Vegetables

A little bit about me...

My food journey started years ago whilst living in Austria. Growing up, we had a relative healthy diet. Eating fresh fruits and vegetables was common but there was also a lot of meat and dairy. 


When I was sixteen, I became vegetarian and almost instantly felt and looked healthier.

My journey

When I was in my twenties, I moved to the UK to study and developed some very bad habits. I put on weight, smoked too much, and was generally lethargic.  I remember, coming back from a summer vacation and when I looked at the photos, it became clear to me that I needed to change my diet and lifestyle. 

I stopped smoking and started running which was a good start, however I still ate unhealthy. This was also due to the fact that I moved to the US which was stressful and hectic.


Once I was in the United States, we started a family and a put on this extra "baby weight". My husband developed high cholesterol and was put on statins. I was unable to shift the extra weight, even though I was very active. There were other symptoms like bloating, brain fog, water retention, sleepless nights, hair loss and mood swings. This made me realize that there must be more than exercise to achieve and maintain optimal health. After numerous unsuccessful doctor appointments, I decided to dig deeper into nutrition, wellness and mindfulness. 

Paving the way to a healthier future

I certified in 2016 with the American Fitness Professional Association as a nutritionist and over the next four years, I studied numerous nutrition and health modules. However, it was not until I finished my holistic nutritionist exam that almost instant relief arrived. After adopting a whole food diet, all my symptoms were gone in less than a week. No more bloating, brain fog, weight gain and best of all, eating the rainbow has exposed me to try new flavors and textures which I previously thought was not possible. Based on my studies and the knowledge gathered over the years, our family has adopted a whole food plant-based diet and it was the best decision of my life.


Today I’m here to help you make the transition, both psychologically but also in helping you learn how to create fantastic menus, plan your diet and minimize time spent on what is undeniably on of the most important aspects of life itself.



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