Chopping Vegetables

A little bit about me...

My food journey started years ago whilst living in Austria. Growing up in the Austrian Alps we used to ski and ice skate in the winter and in the summer enjoy swimming in the lakes and hiking up mountains. My mum cooked meals from scratch every day. We had a warm lunch and a smaller dinner which would consist of just whole wheat bread with tomatoes home grown from our garden. We did eat meat and dairy, but it was very limited and when we did it was a special meal.


When I was sixteen, I decided to become vegetarian. Almost instantly I felt and looked healthier.

Shedding old habits

One of the many reasons for this was that the “Standard American Diet” did not sit well within our family. I moved to the UK to study and developed some very bad habits. I put on weight, smoked too much, was generally lethargic and had difficulty conceiving. That last fact was an eye opener to me and the stark contrast between my previously fit and healthy and current life came into relief. My husband and I moved to the US where that contrast became even more apparent, but differently so than in Europe.

My husband developed high cholesterol and was put on statins. I put on over 20 pounds and, even though I ran 4-6 miles daily, I was unable to shift the extra weight. I realized that exercise alone would not cut it to achieve and maintain a healthy weight, so I decided to become a nutritionist to find out how. This was my start to pursuing optimal health and as I look back to my own past life I can see the benefits, how easy they are to obtain and how important a few lifestyle tweaks are.


Paving the way to a healthier future

I certified in 2017 with the American Fitness Professional Association. In 2018, I certified as a Personal Trainer and certified in 2019 as a Holistic Nutritionist. Based on my studies and the knowledge gathered over the years our family has adopted a whole food plant-based diet and we continue to realize and enjoy the many benefits.


Today I’m here to help you make the transition, both psychologically but also in helping you learn how to create fantastic menus, plan your diet and minimize time spent on what is undeniably on of the most important aspects of life itself.