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Client testimonials: Callanetics 

Callanetics is a very low-impact Technique and focuses on protecting your joints. I did kickboxing for a long time so I’m really thankful for Barbara that she introduced me to Callanetics. 

I have been struggling with my sciatic nerve since my daughter and son were born (who is almost 8 and 5 now ) and this exercises are a life saver ! It’s all about stretching and toning the best parts of a woman’s body. Barbara has great energy and gives excellent instructions. She challenges you but in the greatest way possible. You’ll get a great body and gain a great friend as well- certainly a win-win situation in my book!


- Audrey Quinn

I've been doing Callanetics on and off for over twenty years now but I've never had the chance to exercise with a certified Callanetics Instructor before. I was so thrilled to meet Barbara and to finally work out with a certified teacher. It is still my favorite workout routine and Barbara has showed me lots of modifications and new movements so it never gets boring. Barbara is a very knowledgeable and pays great attention to detail which is important in order to precisely execute the exercises. I like her calm yet motivating energy and I truly look forward to each work out session! Callanetics is incredibly effective and has also helped me a lot with back pain and headaches.


- Christina Scholl

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