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What exactly is Callanetics?

The history of Callanetics

Callanetics exercises were developed by Callan Pinckney, a Georgian debutante whose congenital back problems were aggravated by eleven years of backpacking around the world. To combat her back and knee pain, Pinckney drew upon her ballet training yo put together a series of concentrated no-impact exercises. Her program not only alleviated her back problems, but also proved most effective in reshaping, toning and strengthening her body.

Safe, non-impact, and strengthening 

What distinguishes the Callanetics method from other exercise programs is that the exercises are safe and non-impact, a balanced approach emphasizing stretching and neuromuscular coordination while also strengthening deep posture muscles. Callanetics exercise classes are unique and best described as mild isotonic exercises involving constant repetitive contractions using a very small range of motion.

Reshape your body and improve your posture

As a certified Callanetics instructor and qualified holistic nutritionist, I am a member of an elite group of people specially trained to teach this unique exercise method. Combining a good diet with this revolutionary exercise program will help you tone up and shape in record time. If you want to get rid of cellulite, tighten your thighs, flatten your stomach and strengthen your core muscles then Callanetics is for you.

Callanetics Coaching

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