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Basic 28-day meal plan no allergies

Have you ever heard the phrase “You are what you eat”? This phrase is the notion that to be fit and healthy you need to eat good food. 


In a literal sense, we all can agree that it is true that “you are what you eat”. Nutrients from the foods we eat provide the foundation of the structure, function, and wholeness of every little cell in our body, from the skin and hair to the muscles, bones, digestive, and immune systems. 


Giving our body a helping hand

We may not feel it, but we are constantly repairing, healing, and rebuilding our body. Every cell in our body has a “shelf life” – a stomach cell lives about a day or two, a skin cell about a month, and a red blood cell about four months. So, every day, our body is busy asking new cells to replace those that have “expired”. And how healthy those new cells are is directly determined by how well we have been eating. A diet filled with highly processed food that is low on nutrients doesn’t give our body much to work with. But a clean, nutrient rich, whole food eating plan can help us build cells that work better and are less susceptible to premature ageing and disease. 


The closer to nature, the better

Clean foods are as direct from nature as possible. They are whole and free of additives, colourings, flavourings, sweeteners, and hormones. The closer you eat to nature, the fewer calories it will take for you to feel satisfied. By eating clean, we can control our weight permanently without feeling deprived or hungry or having constant cravings.  


How the 28-day meal plan works

Firstly, decide which of the below meal plan options is best suited to your needs. Once you've chosen, click to purchase, and I'll be touch within 24 hours to arrange a Zoom to discuss next steps.

Option 1: Tailored Meal Plan

This meal plan will be completely tailored to your dietary and health requirements. It includes a Zoom consultation, a 4- week meal, 60+ recipes, grocery shopping guide, food pantry recommendations, and cooking instructions.

Option 2: Basic meal plan 

A 4- week no-allergy meal plan.

It includes a Zoom consultation, a 4- week meal, including 60+ recipes.

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