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Hello, my name is Barbara Donnelly. I’m a  Holistic Nutritionist and a Health and Wellness Coach






My passion is enabling people to enhance their wellbeing, by formulating healthy, whole food and plant based nutritional strategies.


When it comes to nutrition, I understand the confusing and often contradictory mass of information that’s available online. My mission with Bhealthyeatwhole is to offer support and education, and spread awareness of the positive role food can play in our lives.


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Natural Medicine

A good diet is critical for optimal health!

When we are well and healthy, our biological systems function harmoniously. If one aspect of our biology is not functioning properly, the system as a whole may not be able to function correctly either, and you may become ill. Thus, disease may be regarded as the disruption of physical and mental harmony.

Of the many things you can do to enhance your wellbeing none is more important than maintaining proper nutrition. 

Compare the traditional American diet (based on meat, refined-flour products, processed and mass manufactured foods, packaged fatty or sugary snacks and sweets) to the diets of traditional Asian and Mediterranean societies (based on unprocessed grains, rice, whole-wheat flour, beans, fresh vegetables and fruits). The latter diet is associated with less heart disease and several kinds of cancer, lower rates of obesity and diabetes. This type of diet helps us maintain a healthy body weight, lessen inflammation and insulin resistance and improve blood vessel functioning.

Once we make this psychological change the rest flows almost effortlessly. Ok, it requires some effort in learning, planning and food prep but the benefits are a thousand times more. 

I’m here to help you make transition to a whole food diet with my 28-day meal plan options, both psychologically but also in a practical sense. This includes teaching you how to create fantastic menus, plan your diet, and minimize time spent on what is undeniably one of the most important aspects of life.

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