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Holistic Nutritionist


Hello, my name is Barbara Donnelly a Mum, wife and, since 2014, a Certified Health and Wellness Coach, Holistic Nutritionist, certified Personal Trainer and Callanetics Instructor.


Growing up in the Austrian Alps we used to ski and ice skate in the winter and in the summer enjoy swimming in the lakes and hiking up mountains. My mum cooked meals from scratch every day. We had a warm lunch and a smaller dinner which would consist of just whole wheat bread with tomatoes home grown from our garden. We did eat meat and dairy, but it was very limited and when we did it was a special meal.


I moved to the UK to study and developed some very bad habits. I put on weight, smoked too much, was generally lethargic and had difficulty conceiving. That last fact was an eye opener to me and the stark contrast between my previously fit and healthy and current life came into relief. My husband and I moved to the US where that contrast became even more apparent, but differently so than in Europe.

This was my start to pursuing optimal health and as I look back to my own past life I can see the benefits, how easy they are to obtain and how important a few lifestyle tweaks are.


I think that everybody can achieve optimal health. But what is optimal health? Most people think of health as the absence of disease. It is true that not feeling sick is one important aspect of health. Just as important, however, is having a sense of optimal well-being- a state of physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual wellness. In this view health can be obtain by living in harmony with yourself and with your social and physical environments.


When we are well and healthy, our biological systems function harmoniously. If one aspect of our biology not functioning properly the system, as a whole, may not be able to function correctly either, and you may become ill. Thus, disease may be regarded as the disruption of physical and mental harmony.

The World Health Organization definition of health recognizes the inter-relatedness of physical, psychological, emotional, social, spiritual, and environmental factors that contribute to the overall quality of a person’s life. All parts of the mind, body, and environment are interdependent. The old English root of our word health (hal, meaning sound or whole) implies that there is more to health than freedom from sickness.

Barbara is very motivating and makes sure the exercises are done right to get the success and to avoid injuries. I think Callanetics is a great workout to stay fit, feel better and get into shape. And Barbara is a great teacher who also has good advice about food and nutrition. I highly recommend her!
- Audrey Quinn
I've been doing Callanetics on and off for over twenty years now but I've never had the chance to exercise with a certified Callanetics Instructor before. I was so thrilled to meet Barbara and to finally work out with a certified teacher. It is still my favorite work out routine and Barbara has showed me lots of modifications and new movements so it never gets boring. Barbara is a very knowledgeable and pays great attention to detail which is important in order to precisely execute the exercises. I like her calm yet motivating energy and I truly look forward to each work out session! Callanetics is incredibly effective and has also helped me a lot with back pain and headaches.
- Christina Scholl
February 8, 2018

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