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A variety of studies have shown that stress can impair the functions of the immune system. Stress – related impairment of the immune system is mediated by stress hormones, particularly cortisol, which bind to immune system cells and alter their functions.


Stress activation of sympathetic nervous system fibers that connect to immune system tissue also alters immune functioning. Some forms of stress are so severe that the produce a serious, long-lasting condition called posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD).


This condition can result from witnessing or being confronted with events that involve death, or serious injury.


Adults who as children experienced traumatic stress have been shown to be at high risk for cardiovascular disease, cancers, asthma, and depression as a result of damage to brain structure from cortisol and neuroinflammation.


Living healthfully is fundamental to limited stress. By eating a fresh whole food diet, stretching, and exercising regularly, getting sufficient sleep, not smoking, limited caffeine intake, alcohol and taking “quiet time” to be contemplative, creative and joyful, you establish a strength to mind-body-spirit that can help buffer the twists, turns, and pulls of stress.



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