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Vegan Strawberry custard cake with red-currant jelly

This is such a delicious tray cake, light and fluffy with a taste of summer.

I love using vanilla pudding for this, but you could also try different flavors such as strawberry.

This cake is vegan, dairy free and nut-free.



480 grams of plant-based milk

1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar

420 grams of all-purpose flour

200 grams brown raw sugar.

1 tbs baking soda

1 tsb baking powder

1 tbsp vanilla extract

½ tsp fine sea salt

80 grams of sunflower oil

40 grams of sparkling mineral water

Pudding filling

1 liter plant-based milk of your choice (I used soy)

3 packages of vanilla custard or 110 grams of cornstarch

1 tablespoon vanilla extract

80 grams brown raw sugar


900 grams strawberries

1 package vegan jelly (I used Dr Oetker) or use Agar agar (according to the package instructions)

250 grams water/red currant juice

30 grams brown raw sugar


Grease a 35 x 24 cm or 14x9 inch baking tray and set aside.

Preheat oven to 350F/180C.

In a large jug, add the plant-based milk with the apple cider vinegar and set aside to create a vegan buttermilk.

In a large bowl, combine the flour with the sugar, baking soda, baking powder, fine sea salt and mix well.

Add the vegan buttermilk to the flour mixture, add the vanilla essence, and the sunflower oil. Mix until all flour is incorporated but don’t overmix. If the batter is too thick add the remaining sparkling mineral water.

Pour the batter into the baking dish and bake for 35- 40 minutes, or until a wooden skewer comes out clean.

When the cake is done, take out of the oven and let cool completely before you add the custard.

Meanwhile make the vanilla custard by adding the custard powder in a bowl with 75 grams of the plant-based milk and whisk until smooth. Add the brown sugar. Heat the remaining plant-based milk on medium to high heat and pour in the vanilla custard mixture. Bring the mixture to a boil then turn the heat down to low and cook until the custard starts to thicken. Once the custard is thick, pour into a bowl, cover with plastic wrap, and let cool completely.

Once the custard is cold, add the cooled custard onto the cake.

Wash the strawberries, cut into slices, and add to the cake.

Cook the vegan jelly by heating the jelly or agar agar according to the package instructions with the 250 grams cold water or red currant juice with the sugar and bring to a boil.

Carefully add the jelly with a spoon to the strawberry custard cake. You may don’t need the entire mixture.

Put the cake in the fridge until the jelly sets.

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